Effect of Mode of Delivery and Maternal Nutrition on Infant Gut Immunomodulation

Sumitha Nayak


The gut is a dynamic environment and varies depending on the type of microorganisms it is exposed to. Both mode of delivery and maternal nutrition have an effect on infant gut colonization. An attempt was made to understand the effect of gut microbiota on immunologic response in infants. An online search was carried out for studies that analyzed the gut microbiota in infants born through vaginal delivery (VD) and cesarean delivery (CD) and studies that analyzed the effect of maternal probiotic supplementation during pregnancy on infant outcomes. The results showed that infants born through VD had more and varied bacterial taxa compared with infants born through CD. The results also showed that probiotic-supplemented mothers had more chances of having a normal delivery and these infants had lesser likelihood of developing atopy and eczema.

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