Interventions to Prevent Hypothermia at Birth in Low Birth Weight Neonates—A Comparison Between Polyethylene Wrap and Embrace Isothermal Mattress Methods

Manasa Sudheendra, Sharanabasavesh Mangalgi


Objectives: To assess and compare the efficacies of polyethylene wrap and embrace isothermal mattress in preventing hypothermia in low birth weight neonates when applied within 10 minutes of birth

Materials and Methods: This prospective interventional study was conducted at MS Ramaiah Memorial Hospitals (Bengaluru, Karnataka, India). Neonates weighing < 2000 g and admitted to the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) were enrolled. Neonates with confirmed diagnosis of external anomalies, visible external anomalies, and who required extensive resuscitation were excluded. Neonates were randomly categorized into 2 groups and received either polyethylene wrap or embrace isothermal mattress intervention. The interventions were applied within the first 10 minutes of birth after initial resuscitation. Rectal temperature was measured before application of intervention and again on admission to the NICU.

Results: The mean difference in temperature ± SD (°C) before and after intervention in embrace isothermal mattress and polyethylene wrap was found to be 0.1875 ± 0.38 and 0.004 ± 0.28, respectively (P = .051). 

Conclusion: Both interventions, embrace isothermal mattress and polyethylene wrap, were found to be effective in maintaining the temperature of the neonate and thereby preventing

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