Original Article

Fungal Sepsis in Tertiary NICUs: Risk Factors and Susceptibility Pattern of Candida Species to Antifungals

Ananthaiah A, Maralihalli M, Kulkarni V

Technical Innovation

Telemonitoring of High-Risk Neonates Discharged From SNCU Using a Novel Device: A Pilot Study

Madireddy A, Lingaldinna S

Antenatal Consultations

Enlarged Cisterna Magna

Jain A, Jain N

Case Reports

Spontaneous Pneumoperitoneum in a Newborn

Shivalli P, Reddy KH, Lingaraju S, Halkar MP

Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 2

Devadas S, Devendrappa RT, Sabhapathy S, Ashok MM