Echogenic Bowel

Ashish Jain, Somalika Pal

Case Scenario

A primigravida underwent a level-2 antenatal ultrasonography (USG) screening at 18 weeks of gestation. The USG reported an echogenic bowel (EB). No other fetal anomaly was identified on detailed evaluation. The growth parameters of the fetus were appropriate for gestation.


Isolated finding of fetal EB is relatively common in a routine second trimester scan. This should be followed by a detailed scan to look for any associated malformations, especially cardiac and renal. Detailed parental and family history should be sought for ascertaining the risk of CF and aneuploidy, and maternal TORCH titers are probably warranted. One would be justified in offering amniocentesis because of strong association with aneuploidies, especially if EB is associated with any other anomaly. If all workup is negative, serial ultrasound scans should be done to detect IUGR. Outcomes will be good when an isolated finding of fetal EB resolves with advancing gestation.

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