Original Article

Incidence of Acute Kidney Injury in Culture-Positive Sepsis

Kulkarni V, Kulkarni V


Research Articles

Qualitative Assessment of Acceptability of Kangaroo Mother Care in a Tribal Block in Maharashtra, India

Kulkarni R, Chauhan S, Rasaily R, Desai R, Tryambake V, Panhale M

Incidence of Congenital Heart Disease in Children With Recurrent Respiratory Tract Infection

Pejaver R, Suresh Babu MT, Krishnamurthy R, Basavanthappa SP

Effect of Feeding Schedule on Time To Reach Full Feeds in ELBW and VLBW Neonates: A Randomized Trial

Tali SH, Kabra NS, Ahmed J, Dash SK, Balasubramanian H, Avasthi BS, Sharma SR


Follow-up Report

Survival and Outcome of Patients With Urea Cycle Disorders: A Single-Center Experience

Jalan A, Kudalkar K, Joshi M, Shirke S, Mahamunkar A, Jalan R, Shinde D, Borugale M, Tawde R, Häberle J


Case Report

Congenital Methemoglobinemia

Larokar S, Manoli P, Halkar M, Pejaver RK